Pause for Station Identification

So two weeks ago I had meant to make a post saying “there will be no posts probably for the next four weeks or so, due to NaNoWriMo.” Obviously, I got swept up into the awesome hullaballoo of National Novel Writing Month, and didn’t quite get around to doing it! Thusly, here it is! As a bonus, this is also a good point to say that I have already gotten past the 50k mark, and in record time for me (took me 12 days this time). I’m still writing up a storm trying to finish the story. I made myself a new overachiever’s calendar that will put me at 100k by the end of the month. I may finish the story before then, but I’ll still aim to have my word count up around that amount before the event is over. I’m loving my novel so much this year–can’t wait to edit it when the month is done!

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 10.02.18 PM

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