First Verse is the Same as the First

Hi there! Well, today is my birthday, and this seems like as good a day as any to start this blog. As we go along, I’ll try to keep us focused on three things: writing, linguistics, and counseling. Those are things I have degrees in and presumably know something about, but more importantly I’m just enthralled with these topics. I’m constantly amazed by the power of words and language, and I just can’t seem to get enough. I hope to share some of these blatherings, which, admittedly, will likely be more about writing than anything else. At the heart of it all, I love telling stories, and I’m excited for the release of my new book, “Under Dark Sky Law,” which comes out in February 2016 from Supposed Crimes.

As I begin the first day of my next year of life on this complicated place we call Earth, I thought it would be nice to mark it with a picture of me on the last day of a very challenging and life-changing work experience in South Korea. On that day, I realized that if you face adversity with a sense of adventure, you can swashbuckle your way through nearly anything. 파이팅!


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